Reliable Parkinson’s Care Auburn & Opelika Families Trust

At Home Care Assistance of Auburn & Opelika, we understand the overwhelming challenges that seniors with Parkinson’s face and offer a care solution that ensures individual needs are met, without asking the senior to sacrifice their home or independence. Parkinson’s home care is available on an hourly or live-in basis and is provided by highly trained and compassionate caregivers who are committed to ensuring the comfort, safety and quality of life of the clients they serve.

Premier Care for Parkinson’s Patients: Going Beyond the Basics

When you work with Home Care Assistance, the provider of high-quality  , you can rest assured knowing that our caregivers will assist your loved one with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, exercise, meal preparation, and much more. Beyond those daily tasks, our caregivers also want to ensure your loved one feels safe, has a sense of purpose, and lives a well-rounded and dignified life. Our talented and experienced Parkinson’s caregivers:

  • Continuously evaluate the senior’s abilities and home to minimize fall risk
  • Create meaningful and long-term relationships based on shared interests
  • Offer companionship and support throughout each stage of the disease
  • Engage in open communication with the senior’s family and medical team
  • Provide a positive and safe environment that promotes independence

Promoting Independence for Seniors with Parkinson’s

Our caregivers understand that Parkinson’s care is more than managing tremors and muscle pains, or assisting with limited mobility. Care is ensuring your loved one maintains that sense of confidence and dignity. Thus, caregivers allow seniors to do as much as they can on their own while offering assistance only as needed to promote feelings of self-worth and a sense of routine regularity. A caregiver will always be by their side, to prevent injury or defeat, but studies show that life improves when a sense of independence is fostered, regardless of the circumstances.

Respite for Overwhelmed Family Caregivers

At Home Care Assistance of Auburn & Opelika, we realize the unrealistic demands you may place on yourself as the family caregiver, which can end up negatively impacting your health as well as the quality of care provided to your loved one. To help you step back from your job as caregiver and resume your role as loving family member, allow a trained Parkinson’s caregiver from Home Care Assistance to step in.

We never ask you to sign a long-term contract and instead offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about our specialized Parkinson’s Care Plan, contact us today at (334) 744-7100.